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Saving Titanium Dioxide by Vacuum Inline Dispersion

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Titanium Dioxide causes up to 45% of the raw material costs in architectural paints and up to 20% in average industrial and decorative coatings.
Due to several huge price increases during the past years the reduction of Titanium Dioxide became one of the main targets for cost savings in paint industry. The use of substitutes or enhancers is only one way. A much more effective dispersion of the applied Titanium Dioxide is the better way.
Traditional dissolver discs do not reach a fully colloidal dispersion. A new in line dispersion method creates 1000 times higher shear rates and significantly higher concentrated energy density in combination with vacuum expansion of the powder. This way between 2 and 12% Titanium Dioxide are saved.
Same hiding power and colour strength are reached with less Titanium Dioxide. The undertone is not influenced since particles are not smaller – but colloidal dispersed and better distributed.